The following websites may be of interest to students of Chinese fencing and Martial arts.

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Tai Chi Dao practise - White Horse Taichi, UK

Jason Tsang

Dandao vs spear - Grteat River Taoist Center

Scott M. Rodell and Feihong Rodell

Tao Chi dao in The Netherlands

Theo Boons - Ina Sabanoglu - Arno Mol

Miscellaneaous interest

Ashoka Arts - antiques

Chinese longsword - period martial manuals

Dragon Chases the Pearl - historical research

Kung Fu Tea - Chinese martial studies

Little Raven - wooden training equipment

Mandarin Mansion - antiques

Swords and Antique Weapons - antiques



UK clubs

Bristol TaiChi - Bristol

Rochford Martial Arts - Essex

White Horse TaiChi - South East

Xingyi Academy - Leeds


Worldwide clubs

Great River Taoist Center - Australia

Great River Taoist Center - Estonia

Great River Taoist Center - Poland

Great River Taoist Center - USA

Tai Chi Appeldoorn - Netherlands

Jianfa - Netherlands

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