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Main product page


Main product page



Qing jian

Republican jian

Shuangshou Qing jian




Wen Jian



Ruyi jian stand


Options :

Grip wrapping

Equipment for fencing pracitice is not for sale to anyone under the age of 18


Both jian and dao are measured in the same way:


Blade length is measured from the ip of the blade to the rear of the guard

Grip length is measured from the rear of the guard to the front of the pommel


Product variations


Because Tigersden productrs are handmade in wood and metal, silight differences always occur during manufacture.


Hickory wood has a wide variety of colours and grain features, which can be seen in the website photographs. Unless specifically requested, the wood is selected for it's strength, not for it's colour.


Tigersden logo is burned into the wood using a branding iron, and sometimes the brand doesn't fully print, This is quite normal, and it adds to the charm of the piece.

Price list January 2021

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