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Ruyi Jian stand


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Mudaojian :

Qing jian

Republican jian

Shuangshou Qing Jjan




Wen Jian



Ruyi jian stand


Options :

Grip wrapping


Prices : (excluding shipping)


● Ruyi jian stand - £380.00 GBP

● Ruyi jian stand In solid walnut

.......................... - £ p.o.a. GBP

Modelled after a stand in a Qing Dynasty painting of the Manchu Prince Dorgon, this historically accurate jian stand is hand crafted in hardwood and has a dark, oil finish which has been accurately matched to antique furniture finishes.


● 50cm wide x 26 cms deep x 64 cms high"

The finials at the top of the uprights are in the shape of an auspicious Ruyi sceptre 如意 [ lingzhi form 靈 芝] and they represent power, status, and the fulfillment of wishes.


This apertures of this stand are 44mm x 21mm, and were specifically designed to fit the Hanwei Cutting Jian, by Scott M. Rodell. The Rodell cutting jian can be found at:

................. www.sevenstarstrading.com


These stands can be made to fit any size of scabbard. If you are interested in purchasing a stand, and have a different jian, please check the size of your scabbard before placing an order.

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